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20171016-01 – Periodic Updates 2nd Notice – If you have not returned your periodic update, you’re going to receive a 2nd notice this week. Please don’t ignore this document, it’s a compliance requirement that you must sign and return the periodic update by December 31st, 2017. The terms by which you agreed to as a Holder of Coordination specifically requires you to maintain your relationship with WAR, and thus maintaining your coordination. We used the Primary Contact address listed for your coordination back in February. Now we’ve used the HOC and the Sponsor addresses to try and make contact. Please comply with the 2nd notice.
2nd Notice

20171012-01 - Status Update - Coordination Listings I wanted to give everyone an update on where we've been over the last 5-6 weeks.

First, WAR and the Coordination Secretary committee have been meeting via audio and web conference almost every week since August. Most of the discussion has been on learning the coordination workflow, as well as educating ourselves on the software. Recently, Dave KA9FUR has been able to allocate some time into helping us, as well as taking on some of the backlog before passing it to the committee. It's safe to say that a lot has been accomplished, especially within the last couple weeks.

The Coordination Secretary committee hopes to have complete access to the database and paperwork over the next week or so, and from there we can assign tasks to the committee members and get back on track. As part of the process, procedures on reaching us via e-mail or postal mail has changed so that all correspondence go through the committee. For those who have submitted applications for new or updated repeater coordination, we promise that you should hear back from someone in the committee soon.

Dave also completed the second notices and passed them on to the WAR Secretary, so for those who have not completed the first notice should get your reminders in the near future.

Lastly, we have confirmed the 2018 Membership Meeting for Saturday, March 17th at Ham Radio Outlet in Milwaukee. Doors will open around 9:30 AM, with the meeting starting at 10:00 AM sharp. There will be plenty to discuss, so I hope to see you all there.

I will follow up with you again in the next couple weeks as to our progress. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Until next time, 73 de Dean KB7QDI

20171011-01 - De-coordination actions taken by coordinator:

N9WYQ Big Flats 146.625 dropped due to lack of response
N9WYQ Big Flats 444.725 dropped due to lack of response
N9XFD Two Rivers 147.030 dropped due to lack of response
W9LLB Melrose 145.450 dropped due to lack of response
N9QKK Menomonie 146.685 HOC relinquished coordination
N9UPC Baldwin 147.015 dropped due to failure to construct after an extended time
W9MRA Wisconsin Rapids dropped due to failure to construct
K9MTW Manitowoc 145.110 dropped due to failure to construct
KR9RK Racine multiple auxiliary stations dropped due to a failure to construct
W9CQ Germantown 442.875 dropped due to lack of response

Note that this list does not include any voluntary de-coordination information.

20170907-01 - Special Technical Advisor - Corey Lardinois KB9BNA Vice-Chairman Dean Hoover KB7QDI has appointed WAR Member, Corey Lardinois KB9BNA to the position of Special Technical Advisor. The unanimous decision under Article III.C.4 was completed during a Board teleconference, Thursday, September 7th, 2017. Corey will be responsible to:
    1. assist the Board and Appointed Committees with expertise including, but not limited to; database manipulation, security, archiving, work flows
    2. assist the Board and Appointed Committees with technical knowledge as it relates to frequency coordination, radio interference, repeater and link system design and construction, VoIP modes of operation, digital technology and modalities
    3. assist the Board and Appointed Committees with the development of educational materials
20170907-02 - Coordination Secretary Committee Vice-Chairman Dean Hoover KB7QDI has established a working committee responsible for developing further understanding of the coordination process with the goal of assisting the Coordinator with routine administrative tasks. The unanimous decision under Article III.C.3 was completed during a Board teleconference, Thursday, September 7th, 2017. The new committee is responsible for developing a workflow and recruiting a Member to take on the task of Coordination Secretary.

20170902-01 - Keeping You In The Loop Now that the August meeting is complete, I want to thank those that were able to join us. Your input was invaluable, and having approved the new by-laws, you give this board some added flexibility in helping the Association.

I want to let you know that we, as a board, know that we need to do more, and I feel very comfortable telling you that is exactly what we plan to do. We have another board meeting in the coming days, both to review what we've done and begin the process of moving forward. We understand your frustrations, and to that end we are committed to doing what we can to get our coordinator the assistance he needs.

As part of our meeting, we proposed a tentative plan (written by our current coordinator Dave KA9FUR) that includes a coordination team, including volunteers that help gather and confirm paperwork, communicate with those who have submitted paperwork to WAR, a proposed team of coordinators that work together to not only complete our current backlog, but also assist regionally to tackle some of the longer-term objectives. And, last but not least, someone who takes on the task of helping us with future programs like a revised frequency allocation scheme based on new emission standards.

We received a lot of positive feedback at the meeting, and am happy to report that several members volunteered to help. As a board, we both appreciate everyone who raised their hand, and ask those who weren't at the meeting to also see if they can participate in what we are trying to accomplish. If you've had an interest in knowing more about what WAR does, whether on the coordination side or administrative, then simply put this is your chance. With the new by-laws, the previous board of four is now a board of seven. The coordination plan​ requires volunteers.

All this will require time and effort. Education will be required, and that means a teacher and students. The good part is that with audio and web conferencing, using those tools means remote training are valuable tools that we can take advantage of.

On my end, I promise that I will do my best to keep you informed to our issues and our progress. Expect updates here on our website, from both myself and the board as we look for ways to keep you in the loop.

Until next time, 73 de Dean KB7QDI
Vice-Chairman, WAR

20170826-01 - Revised Bylaws Approved The Bylaws as amended on March 18th, 2017 at the Associations annual membership meeting were enacted today. Vice-Chairman Hoover KB7QDI asked for a motion, and by majority vote, the hams attending the August meeting in Wausau approved to accept our new Bylaws document. You can download them from the link under "Governing Documents."


WAR Inc. Officers and Appointments

Chairman - N/A
Vice-Chairman - Dean Hoover KB7QDI
Secretary - Greg Braun N9CHA
Treasurer - Chris Keezer KC9NVV

Frequency Coordinator - Dave Karr KA9FUR
Technical Advisor: Bill Becks WA8WG Technical Advisor: Corey Lardinois KB9BNA
Communications - Gary Bargholz N9UUR

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