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20161214-01 - "Proposed Bylaw Changes" - Members, Stakeholders, and friends: The WAR board members sat down and met several times over the past few weeks to create a proposal to update and revise our bylaws. Bylaws are a “big thing”. They, along with policy documents, determine how an organization is governed. Click here to read more!
20161108-01 - "The BIG Update" - Hello again, I am pleased to make several announcements today - all of which I think are positive! First off, we are finally kicking off a round of periodic updates in order to get our database updated. I realize that it's a long time coming, but we had a lot of fixing to do this year, so it took a back seat for a while. Click here to read more!
20161001-01 - "Activity By Your Board of Directors" - Greetings! I want to get you up to speed on what your board has been up to. I know it seems like we’ve been pretty quiet, but to be honest we’ve been more active than we’ve been in many years. Click here to read more!
20160718-01 - "Coordinating New Emission Types" - Your WAR, Inc. board continues to work on policy updates to streamline operations and bring more benefit to you, the repeater owner or operator. Among these changes is... Click here to read more!
20160526-01 March 2016 Membership Meeting Minutes - The minutes from the March 2016 general membership meeting are available on line. Click here to read more!
20160515-01 Chairman's Blog - "Behind The Scenes" - Please click on the link and read Chris' latest blog post. As Chris says, "...even though things seem quiet, rest assured that we are working hard to not only improve our service to you in our primary job of coordination, but also in a few other ways that may help the hobby in general." Click here to read more!
20160321-01 Welcome Message from our Chairman: Chris W9JOL - "Humans are allergic to change. They love to say, "We've always done it this way." I try to fight that." - Grace Hopper
Read Chris' welcome letter to all Wisconsin hams... and get involved with the next generation of leadership. Your comments and suggestions are requested. Click here to read more!
20160319-01 Welcome New Leadership! - There are two new members of the WAR Inc. leadership team. Our new Chairman is Chris Tarr W9JOL, and our new Vice-Chairman is Jim Westover KB9KBK. Both volunteered to serve our association and will continue to help you, the Wisconsin repeater owner/builder. Please welcome our new leadership members!
20160126-01 Membership Meeting - March 19th - Our 2016 March Membership Meeting date and location have been set. Please join us on the 19th of March, 10am to Noon, AES Milwaukee. The store hours are 9am - 3pm, so you can do a little browsing before and after the meeting if you wish.
20160104-01 - Revised Coordination Forms & Instructions - You can now "digitally" sign your Station Coordination Proposal form and email it to the coordinator. To take advantage of this, please download the form and open it in Acrobat Reader. Simply clicking on the form link and opening the document in your browser will not enable you to add a digital signature.
20151230-01 Aux Listings Now Available - Two new listings are now available for your review. The "Proposed Aux" and "Under Construction Aux" links will show the Location, Region and Callsigns of the Aux frequencies being coordinated. Specific details as to a frequency have been hidden, however the list is being made available so applicants can see the status of their requests. Check back here often if you're submitted a coordination request for status updates.
20151220-01 Please Read the Coordination Form Instructions - Many of you have seen and used the revised Coordination Forms. However, there have been a few issues... so please, download the "How To Instructions" document. No one likes to read, much less actually use instructions. But in the spirit of trying to help you, please help us!
20151217-02 Proposed & Under Construction Listings - What is the status of your coordination request? Who in the state is putting up a new system? Now you can get up to date information by simply clicking on the "Proposed and Under Construction" links. These HTML files get updated each time the listings have been revised. Check them out!
20151217-01 More New Features! CHIRP .csv!- CHIRP is a free, open-source tool for programming your amateur radio. It supports a large number of manufacturers and models, as well as provides a way to interface with multiple data sources and formats. Check out the link to this free software and download the .csv file.
20151215-01 New Feature! RT Systems .csv! - You can now download a .csv file to import into your RT Systems radio programming software. The link is in the right column. For most users, simply right-click the "WI List for RT Systems" link, choose to "save link as" and save the .csv file to your computer. If you have comments, be sure to let us know!
20151215-01 Listing Updates - The listings data has been updated. Check out the latest data to find out more.
20151208-01 Revised Coordination Forms - We've updated our Coordination Forms and the Instructions which support the new forms. What you'll find is a new "C" form for all of your Contact information, and a "S" form for Station information. The new forms will handle ALL Station types; Repeater, Aux Repeater (remote receiver), Aux Link Receiver, Control Receiver, Point-to-Point Link, and Remote Base. Use these forms for a NEW system, or to MODIFY an existing station coordination. Use as many "S" forms as necessary to coordinate your system.
20151206-01 Listing Updates - The listings data has been updated. Several new systems are coming on-line throughout the State. Check out the latest data to find out more.
20151129-01 Listing Updates - The listings data has been updated. The new data also lists "under construction" which means the repeater builder has 6 months to get the new system on the air. If for any reason it will take more than 6 months, send an email to WAR Inc. and update your status.
20151115-01 Listing Updates - The listings data has been updated... again! Frequency Coordinator, Dave Karr KA9FUR has been hard at work trying to get caught up and get the data out to our membership. If you have a pending coordination in progress by today you've most likely received an email from Dave updating you on the current status. Again... this website is always your best source of current listings!
20151112-01 Listing Updates - The listings data has been updated. Click on any of the pre-formatted listing types under "Repeater Listings" for current information. This WAR Inc. website is always your best source of current listing data.
20151030-01 What is the status of my coordination request? By far this is the most pressing issue at hand. The direct answer is to review the list of Pending & In Progress coordination requests below. Specifically, each coordination request... -more-
20151030-02 Just who is running the joint? As of September 5th, Dave Shank KA9WXN resigned his role as Chairman of WAR, Inc. And, as of September 23rd, Pete Johnson AB9PJ resigned his role as Vice Chairman. Both Dave and Pete have... -more-
20151030-04 I'm really pissed off, what in the ---- is taking so long? We've received several emails, phone calls and letters illustrating your frustration. If you've submitted a new coordination request, you need to check... -more-
20151030-05 Why do my email messages go unanswered? Partly because we understand your frustration and we're trying to do the work without spending time on... -more-
20151030-06 - What's the ARRL Repeater Directory issue all about? And to follow that up, many have asked why the data in the current publication is wrong or out of date... -more-


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