Just who is running the joint?

As of September 5th, 2015 Dave Shank KA9WXN resigned his role as Chairman of WAR, Inc. And, as of September 23rd, 2015 Pete Johnson AB9PJ resigned his role as Vice Chairman. Both Dave and Pete have cited their increased participation with work and family duties.

Dave is responsible for the physical plant of a large public television system and has taken on enormous projects this year.

Pete is in the telecommunications industry and is experiencing a heavy work load do to personnel issues at his place of work.

Amateur Radio is a hobby, and volunteering to serve the community cannot take precedence over work and family. We wish both Dave and Pete the best in their future endeavours. Both men have expressed an interest in contributing where they are able. The remaining Board of Directors are Greg Braun N9CHA and Jim Sheetz K9OQO. Greg has stepped up to handle administrative tasks, revamp our web site, review current policy documents and audit the band plan. Dave Karr KA9FUR is the Frequency Coordinator. Gary Bargholz N9UUR is the Newsletter Editor. Travis Augustine W9HDG is helping to improve communication to our Wisconsin ham community by developing a new content management system.

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