Annual Updates On The Way – Notices Sent

On Feb 7, 2017, letters were sent to the contacts associated with twenty one (21) repeaters advising that they have been removed from the active records due to one or more reports and/or first hand observations and/or confirmations that the stations had not been operating as coordinated for at least sixty (60) days and in some cases much longer than that. In some of these situations, those involved with a repeater have affirmed that their station is on the air even though there have been repeated complaints that it is not and which has been independently confirmed. In other cases a repeater may in fact be on the air, just not operating from its coordinated location or even by the person(s) the coordination recommendation for
which the recommendation had been made.

The policy has long stated that continuous operation is one of the many conditions associated with each coordination recommendation. If conditions are such that a station is expected to be off the air for an extended period of time, one can ask for a waiver. In areas where there are other frequencies still available and thus is not placing anyone else at a disadvantage, we have routinely extended this courtesy as long as there is regular contact confirming that there is still an intent to return a station to
operation. These stations are not published, but do remain in the database and are visible to the coordinators.

Annual updates, which were not sent out in 2016, are expected to be mailed within the next week, but will not include these twenty one repeater stations, or associated auxiliary stations. If these station owner/operators wish to contest the reports and/or observations that the stations are no longer in operation, as coordinated, they will need to contact us separately.

Though stated in the annual update mailing, it bears repeating here that the annual update form is NOT the time or place to make technical “corrections” to reflect uncoordinated changes you have made. While you are welcome to provide updated contact information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, website URL’s and the like, changes to coordinated parameters must be made by submitting an application in advance of the proposed changes.

To spread the workload just a bit, annual update forms should be returned to the address shown on the form and Greg N9CHA, WAR Secretary will handle the initial processing. Any coordination related requests should still be sent directly to the coordinator.

The following were notified 02-07-17 they have been removed from active records:

  • AB9KL 444.900 Jefferson
  • KB9JJB 145.270 Lohrville
  • KC9FNM 224.660 Baraboo
  • KC9NW 147.060 Wausau
  • KC9SJY 442.48125 Sheboygan
  • KD9EJA 443.825 Rice Lake
  • KD9EJA 444.450 Cumberland
  • NØNIC 146.955 Beldenville
  • NØNIC 147.225 Beldenville
  • NØNIC 224.840 Beldenville
  • NØNIC 443.225 Beldenville
  • N9AFN 146.670 Lac Du Flambeau
  • N9FZH 147.225 Shawano
  • N9MMU 145.110 Earl
  • N9WYQ 146.625 Big Flats
  • N9WYQ 444.725 Big Flats
  • N9XFD 147.030 Two Rivers
  • W9LLB 145.450 Melrose
  • WA9VDW 146.820 Superior
  • WD9HFT 442.300 Chippewa Falls
  • WD9HFT 444.000 Chippewa Falls

Thanks, Dave KA9FUR, Frequency Coordinator

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