You’re invited!

On August 26th, 2017, our organization is going to (hopefully) finalize a very important and critical change to the WAR by-laws, as well as bring new opportunities to its members and the Wisconsin amateur radio community in general.  By adding additional members to the board, it further promotes what previous administrations have worked so hard to bring forth – to better serve you!  Everyone who owns and operates a repeater in the state of Wisconsin, whether as an individual or club/group, the proposed changes that can be ratified in August brings you closer to a better WAR.

Also, as other boards have stated, I will say as well…… your participation is key, and we encourage you to come to the meeting. Not only because of the proposed by-law changes we’ve crafted, but
also because we want to hear your input and/or questions.
Finally, this month is a wonderful chance for anyone looking to be more involved in WAR.  Our organization represents that best of what ham radio operators are in this state, and look forward to you helping WAR grow and be even better than we are today!

Hope to see you all in Wausau on the 26th!

73 de Dean KB7QDI
Vice-Chairman, WAR

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