Keeping You In The Loop

Now that the August meeting is complete, I want to thank those that were able to join us. Your input was invaluable, and having approved the new by-laws, you give this board some added flexibility in helping the Association.I want to let you know that we, as a board, know that we need to do more, and I feel very comfortable telling you that is exactly what we plan to do. We have another board meeting in the coming days, both to review what we’ve done and begin the process of moving forward. We understand your frustrations, and to that end we are committed to doing what we can to get our coordinator the assistance he needs.As part of our meeting, we proposed a tentative plan (written by our current coordinator Dave KA9FUR) that includes a coordination team, including volunteers that help gather and confirm paperwork, communicate with those who have submitted paperwork to WAR, a proposed team of coordinators that work together to not only complete our current backlog, but also assist regionally to tackle some of the longer-term objectives. And, last but not least, someone who takes on the task of helping us with future programs like a revised frequency allocation scheme based on new emission standards.We received a lot of positive feedback at the meeting, and am happy to report that several members volunteered to help. As a board, we both appreciate everyone who raised their hand, and ask those who weren’t at the meeting to also see if they can participate in what we are trying to accomplish. If you’ve had an interest in knowing more about what WAR does, whether on the coordination side or administrative, then simply put this is your chance. With the new by-laws, the previous board of four is now a board of seven. The coordination plan​ requires volunteers.All this will require time and effort. Education will be required, and that means a teacher and students. The good part is that with audio and web conferencing, using those tools means remote training are valuable tools that we can take advantage of.On my end, I promise that I will do my best to keep you informed to our issues and our progress. Expect updates here on our website, from both myself and the board as we look for ways to keep you in the loop.

Until next time, 73 de Dean KB7QDI
Vice-Chairman, WAR

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