August Membership Meeting

Attention Members –

As we enter the month of July I wanted to make sure everyone was aware that we will be holding our next bi-annual membership meeting on August 31st back at the Jamf office in Eau Claire, WI. This is the same location we hosted the bi-annual membership meeting in August of 2018.

As a reminder, this location is a secured location. What does that mean? It means that you will need an escort up to what we call “Town Hall” where the membership meeting will take place. We will be opening the doors for registration at 9:30am and the last elevator up will be promptly at 10:00am, at which time we will start the meeting. So please ensure you arrive early so you don’t get locked outside.

Please note: We will also be attempting to stream the meeting live online via web conference. This is going to be our first time streaming, so access is not guaranteed and during this test we are only planning to offer one-way communication and no voting will be allowed over the web conference. We will be posting the details for access to the web conference in the coming weeks. The hope is that it we’ll be able to eventually host our membership meetings across multiple locations with full transparency.

Below, please find a diagram that will explain where you can park in the area. Please also note that on Saturday mornings from 7:30am until 1pm the Farmers Market will be going on across the street in Phoenix Park as well.

There is ample parking in the area and I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful 4th of July! We look forward to seeing everyone on August 31st in Eau Claire, WI.


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