New Email Management System

Good Evening Everyone –

Just a quick update that this weekend WAR will be migrating its current email system to a new email management system. As part of this, you will now receive auto-replies when an email is sent to us allowing you to be sure we received your request and also please note that the subject will be modified with a tag. Currently, the below email addresses will be affected by this change.


Here is an example of the auto reply along with the modified subject.

We do ask that you please do not modify the subject in any way and when responding to us or adding additional/new information. This will allow your email to be properly received and associated to other emails related to your request.

Why are we doing this? This new system will allow us to better be able to work more efficiently, track work being done among the Board of Directors, help ensure things do not get lost and overall provide a better experience to our members.

This update will go live this weekend and if you have any questions about the update, please email


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