2021 Annual Membership Meeting

I hope you are all enjoying some warmer temps! The last few weeks have been pretty chilly. It is time again for our Annual Membership meeting. However, with the current state of things we are going to continue to remain as virtual for the time being.

We will be using Zoom again, if you are unfamiliar with Zoom, I would recommend checking out this quick 1 minute video on how to join a meeting. We will open up the virtual meeting approx. 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to allow everyone a chance to join. Also, please be sure to enter your name and callsign in the name field when joining (as shown below).

Below, please find a copy of the agenda for the meeting.

I.   Introductions
II.  Secretary's Report
III. Treasurer's Report
IV.  Coordinator's Report
V.   Old Business
   i.   District Representatives 
   ii.  Hot Spots
   iii. Adoption of changes to WAR Policy
VI.  New Business
   i.   Election of Directors
VII. Adjournment

A couple of items to note:

First, the board is proposing the addition of Section III, G as linked below. The purpose of this addition is to provide better guidance and policy around the transfer of coordinations to ensure those previously involved have the ability to maintain the repeater(s) in question where previously it was technically first come, first serve. This was discussed at the August membership meeting last year as well.

Second, as with every Annual Meeting, we’ll have election of Directors. This years elections will be for Directors 5, 6 and 7. If you are interested in serving as a Director for WAR we encourage you to have someone nominate you or self-nominate. There are no specific requirements to serve as a Director for WAR, other than participating in the monthly board meetings which are held over Zoom. Below is a list of those currently serving in these positions and up for election.

Director V:    Tony Casciato, KX3H
Director VI:   Mike Waschbisch, W2WAY
Director VII:  Joshua Roskos, KC9WWH

As we did last time, we are asking if anyone has any old or new business they would like to bring up at the meeting, please complete the form using the link below or email us at meetings@wi-repeaters.org to have it added to the agenda.

That is all for today, but if you have any questions on the meeting, just email us at meetings@wi-repeaters.org and we’ll be happy to follow-up with you.


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