Updated Band Plan Now Available

Wisconsin Association of Repeaters is happy to release this 2019 update to our radio band plan. We have updated our guidance to include narrowband channels to use with modern equipment, depreciating the use of 420-430Mhz ATV in favor of additional link channels, reminders of our northern latitude “A-line” restrictions near the Canadian border and general guidance for low-power, neighborhood “hot-spots” used for new digital modes.

We welcome comments and suggestions to make our band plan better for everyone to use and continue working with adjacent states to have a clear cohesive plan for our ham radio hobby’s best interests. Pertinent information is called out in this guide with color-coding.

You can find the updated band plan at the top of the page under Governing Documents.

Tony KT9AC

Second Notice: Annual Updates

Hello everyone.  We just mailed out the second notice for the annual renewal forms.  We ask that when you get them to sign and return as soon as possible.  If you have minor updates, like mailing or email address changes, you can enter those changes as part of the annual renewal.  If you have changes to your repeater system (power, antenna, location, HoC, etc), then new C and S forms will need to be filled out with those changes, and those will be handled separately.

Annual renewals that are not returned will be processed for de-coordination.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  

Until next time, 
73 de Dean KB7QDI

January Repeater Coordinations

The end of January is almost here and Jack Frost has greeted us with chilly week, but unlike many of the business that are closed, WAR is not. Below is a list of the latest round of repeater coordinations.

W9RICAppleton, WI224.500100.0Analog
N9PAYGreen Bay, WI443.50625DMR
N9PAYMilwaukee, WI444.53125DMR
KB9QJNIrma, WI146.640114.8Analog & P25

Coordination of these repeaters doesn’t mean they are necessarily on the air yet, but have been coordinated to use these frequencies when ready.


Happy New Year

Hello everyone!  All of us at WAR hope that you had a great holiday season, and are looking forward to a 2019 filled with great times with amateur radio.

Right now, WAR is going through all the responses we’ve received from our 1st notices, and hope to get the database updated over the next couple of weeks.  Thank you for all of you who have replied so quickly.  For those who haven’t responded yet, please do so as soon as possible.  WAR will generate 2nd notices in February, but we hope that you can respond sooner rather than later.  Almost all of the notices are sent out via USPS, so responding now lessens our need to procure more paper, envelopes, and stamps for mailing.

We’ve also done some great work on updating the Wisconsin band plan, and hope to have the final copy available to everyone on our web site by the March membership meeting.

Lastly, a few of us are putting the final touches on an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for the web site, so please look for that coming soon.

Thanks again for all your support this year.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Until next time, 73 de Dean KB7QDI

New Repeater Coordinations

December has been a busy month for the Coordination Secretary Committee and we are happy to announce the following new repeater coordinations.

N9OEWAdams, WI442.26875D-Star
W9RICHarrison, WI145.210146.2Analog & YSF
KA9WDXMedford, WI147.30088.5Analog & YSF
W9TCHKnowles, WI442.975123.0Analog & YSF
N9UPCRadisson, WI444.225110.9Analog & YSF
KC9HYCChilton, WI442.775146.2Analog & DMR

Coordination of these repeaters doesn’t mean they are necessarily on the air yet, but have been coordinated to use these frequencies when ready.

Happy Holidays Everyone!