August 2020 Membership Meeting

Good Evening Everyone –

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful summer! It is once again time for us to meetup and discuss what the board has been working on as well as address any concerns the membership has. However, in compliance with the CDC, WHO and local ordinances, the August membership meeting will be held virtually online.

For our August membership meeting, we will be using Zoom as more people seem to be comfortable with it. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, I would recommend checking out this quick 1 minute video on how to join a meeting. We will open up the virtual meeting approx. 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to allow everyone a chance to join. Also, please be sure to enter your name and callsign in the name field when joining (as shown below).

Below, please find a copy of the agenda for the meeting.

I.   Introductions
II.  Secretary's Report
III. Treasurer's Report
IV.  Coordinator's Report
V.   Old Business
VI.  New Business
   i.   Coordination Management
   ii.  Knowledge-base / Documentation
   iii. Adoption of changes to WAR Policy
VII. Adjournment

A couple of items to note here:

First, the board is proposing a change to the current Policy to only require periodic updates bi-annually instead of annually. With this change you’d only have to fill out the “annual update” every other year. You can see the proposed changes here.

Second, we are asking if anyone has any old or new business they would like to bring up at the meeting, please complete the form using the link below or email us at to have it added to the agenda.

That is all for tonight, but if you have any questions on the meeting, just email us at and we’ll be happy to follow-up with you.


New Email Management System

Good Evening Everyone –

Just a quick update that this weekend WAR will be migrating its current email system to a new email management system. As part of this, you will now receive auto-replies when an email is sent to us allowing you to be sure we received your request and also please note that the subject will be modified with a tag. Currently, the below email addresses will be affected by this change.


Here is an example of the auto reply along with the modified subject.

We do ask that you please do not modify the subject in any way and when responding to us or adding additional/new information. This will allow your email to be properly received and associated to other emails related to your request.

Why are we doing this? This new system will allow us to better be able to work more efficiently, track work being done among the Board of Directors, help ensure things do not get lost and overall provide a better experience to our members.

This update will go live this weekend and if you have any questions about the update, please email


Second Notices Sent Out Today

Happy Thursday Everyone!

This morning we sent out second notices via email if we had one on file for you. We received no bounce backs, so please be sure to check your email and review your annual update as soon as possible. For all others, we did mail out yours today so please review it as soon as you receive it.

Annual updates are required to maintain repeater coordination and we appreciate your help in keeping this information up-to-date and accurate. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to