April Update

First of all, thank you for all who joined us at HRO last month for the Milwaukee membership meeting.  Many topics were discussed, including a few that, as a board, we are already following up on and implementing.  Special thanks to Ham Radio Outlet – not only for their generosity in allowing us to use their facilities, but also letting us stay a little longer so John N9UPC could give an impromptu meet and greet afterwards to help us further understand the new features of Yaesu Fusion as it relates to frequency coordination.

Our club secretary, Josh KC9WWH, has put on the main WAR web page the ability for anyone to sign up to get updates via email.  We will be using this email list to send you new posts (like this one I’m writing now), as well as notifications to when (and where) our next membership meetings will be held.  We encourage you to add your email address to the list.

Another one of our board members, Tony KT9AC, has listened to many of you on suggestions to making our updated band plan for the state even better, particularly on how we can encourage, yet minimize potential interference, from the wave of digital hotspots that more and more amateur operators are using.  Tony is working on those changes, and will even post a few Q and As in our web site FAQ section.  Look for something soon on this.

Rick W9RIX, Corey KB9BNA, and myself went to Champaign, Illinois this last weekend for the IRA annual meeting, and had a great time.  The group south of the border were fantastic hosts, including allowing us to join them for an outstanding meal at a local steak house that I’ll only describe as somewhere where you should never leave hungry.  At their meeting, many of the topics and issues addressed were similar to our own.  They are also working with WAR, and the other adjacent states, to maintain correspondence and sharing agreements that only make all the state coordinating bodies better.

Next week, Rick and myself plan on going to Willmar, Minnesota to visit their annual membership meeting as well.

Lastly, keep an eye on our web site for the date of our August membership meeting.  It is our intentions to have it in Eau Claire again this year, and we hope all of you can join us.

Until next time, 73 de Dean KB7QDI

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