May Update

I have a couple things I’d like to bring up to all of you this month.

First, Rick W9RIX and myself went to visit the spring meeting of the Minnesota Repeater Council last month, and had a great time. The Chairman, Jay K5ZC, invited us to join him and his friend to both a great dinner at a local Fairmont restaurant known for its fish and seafood, as well as a superb breakfast at a small town diner nearby that definitely has a regular crowd every morning.

At the meeting, many of the same issues that we are addressing were discussed. One new item that Minnesota is doing is allowing to use their repeater data from the website. The board has been asked to consider the same for Wisconsin. At our last board audio conference, we decided to continue the discussions, and bring our findings to the membership at the August meeting in Eau Claire. If you are able to attend, this would be a great opportunity to get your input on this as well.

The second item that I would like to talk about is the need for additional volunteers, specifically in our club Coordination Secretary committee. We have the great luxury to have someone like Corey KB9BNA to help with all the coordinations, as well as helping with all the other pieces that go along with that. That being said, the more people we have on that committee, the better it gets. The committee, and therefore the club, becomes more efficient, and it allows for more than just one person to take on all the responsibilities that the position requires. I ask all our members who have ever thought about helping with our club to reach out to anyone here on the board, or Corey, and let us know. Corey has put together a nice presentation before on what some of the position entails, and is willing to show anyone if their interested.

Basically, the last two years have proven that this organization works best for its members with more volunteers, not less.

Until next time, 73 de Dean KB7QDI

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